Career Workshop

Starting or moving to a new career is an anxious period in one's  professional career journey. An informative career workshop can help lessen the anxiety and lead to more success in the job market.

At busyQA, we run several career workshops during the week. The workshops are good for both Tech and Non-Tech related jobs. The Career Workshop is made up of 3 important components to ensure that all of our students are prepped and ready for the workforce.

Career Knowledge

  • 3 Main Components to starting an excelling career in IT.

  • Career path clarification 

  • Salary Negotiation 

  • Workplace prep

Resume & Cover Letter

Our Expert Career Counsellors will work side by side with you to build the best Resume and Cover letter.

Interview Prep

Interviews are a nerve racking moment for most of all. The only way to be truly prepared is to practice, practice, practice. We will provide mock interviews to get you ready for your big day.

Here is FREE Career worksop template below for a Software Tester.

Contact us to register for a career workshop in any career or job industry.

Keys to a successful QA Career


  •  Knowledge: Knowledge is having the technical expertise required to do the job (40%).

  • Personality: Personality is who you are. Are you a friendly person to work with? Are you agreeable? Do you radiate positive energy? Do people love you easily? (30%)

  •  Luck: Are you are the right place at the right time? And if so, do you take an opportunity the first

time it arises? Luck is about who you know. (30%)

QA Resume and Cover Letter

  • Profile: Describe your experience and how it relates to the job you are applying for in 2 -3 sentences.

  • Summary: Highlight your work experience as it relates to the job you are applying for. 5-7 points is enough

  • Technical Skills: List all the tools and technology you can use as it relates to the job. Don’t list too many. No one will read it.

  • Work Experience: Describe ONLY your past experience as it relates to the job. A 4-5 yrs experience is enough. Make it uniform.

  • Education, Training, Certificate: List all education, training and certificates as it relates to the job.

  • Cover Letter: Keep it short, simple and straight to the point. Always use 5 paragraphs: describe where you found the job advert, your profile, your experience, your personality, and closing remarks.



  • It is a Game: The employer is just as anxious to find the right employee from a list of 100 or more resumes, so they are just as nervous as you are. RELAX.

  • Mirror the interviewer: People tend to like people like themselves so Mirror the interviewer. Have similar opinion about weather, movies, kids, travel etc

  • Self Confidence.

  • Research, research, research

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