Front End Development 

Training + Co-op

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, Bootstrap, GIT

This course is a professional development program designed to give students the practical skills required to excel in a career as a Front End Developer. It prepares students for Single Page applications and component based architecture using JavaScript (ES6) and Angular framework. It covers HTML/CSS and responsive web development concepts using modern CSS libraries like bootstrap and semantic UI. It dives into tooling & workflow using Babel, Webpack, and shows how to use Git to store enterprise-level projects.

This is course is suited for a beginner or a Backend Developer trying to become a Full Stack Developer. With the support of Google, Angular is a hot skill in today’s job market and the need will keep going up as more companies adopt the framework. 

The course is a 5 weeks program with weekly 7.5 hours training on a Saturday or Sunday. The course includes weekly labs and coursework. Students are placed on coop after graduation. Students wanting to join our Consulting team after training will have to apply, pass an entrance exam, interview and meet the job requirements.


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What You Get


Weekly in person training

5 Weeks of training

5 days online access to teacher


7.5 hours a week (Saturday and Sunday available)

laptop (1).png

24x7 access to Lab

Installation of all required software


Have fun in a high energy course



Work Term placement + Job Referral and Hiring


Flexible Payment Plan
Group Discount

What You'll Learn

Module 1: Modern Web Development Introduction

Module 2: Working with HTML5

Module 3: Working with CSS3

Module 4: Bootstrap 

Module 5:  GIT Source Control

Module 6 : JavaScript Fundamentals

Module 7: jQuery Fundamentals 

Module 8:  Advance JavaScript and jQuery Concepts, working with REST APIs and Servers

Module 9: Angular JS Fundamentals with TypeScript

Module 10: Final Project

Co-op bonus: 

  • Interview Questions & Answers

  • Students are placed on coop after graduation. Students wanting to join our Consulting team after training will have to apply, pass an entrance exam, interview and meet the job requirements.

We also offer Full stack Developer, DevOps, Big Data Science, Automation Testing, Scrum Master training. View our Courses page to see a full list of our courses. Contact us for any question. Due to COVID-19, we understand you may have more time and want to create a custom fast tracked curriculum. This is also possible. Contact us for more details.




Front End Developer Training + Co-op 
10 Modules
9:00AM - 12:00PM


Proudly display your Professional Achievements on your LinkedIn and Resume 

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Career Roadmap

1-3 Years

  • Entry-level Front End Developer

  • Contract: $50/hr 

  • Salary: $50K - $75K

3-5 Years

  • Angular Developer (Intermediate)

  • Contract: $50-$70/hr

  • Full Stack Developer 

  • Salary: $80K - $99K

5+ Years

  • Senior Angular Developer

  • Senior Javascript Developer

  • Senior Full-Stack Developer

  • Contract: $80-$85/hr

  • Salary: $100K - $120K

BusyQA Alumni have been hired by some of the largest companies in Canada

Know your Instructor


Hi, I'm Matthew

Front End Developer Lead Instructor

Mathew Mozaffari is an aspiring innovator - selected as a Top 30 Developer Under 30 in Canada for 2019. He has a background in software development and currently the CEO of, a fullstack consulting company.

He has a strong passion for software design, development, and architecture.  He believes software should be eccentric, impactful, and built with passion. Mathew has trained several students and contributed to helping many start their career in Software Development. His easy communicating style and passion for all things tech has made his classes highly sought after.