We started as a Quality Assurance service provider, we took on 1 customer and then expanded with a few more customers. We got so busy quickly we named ourselves busyQA. Not long after we started getting noticed and other non-QA professionals joined us. Today we are a full stack technology consulting & training company. We help our clients  build & maintain software applications.  



We are made up of experienced Technology Professionals from diverse backgrounds that includes; IT Services, Government, Communications, Health Care and Energy. We specialize in all types of tech ranging from Web & Mobile development, Web Service, Big Data, Machine Learning, Database, Security, Customized Off-the-Shelf, Automation, SAP, and Performance Testing. 



Our on-demand business model allows us to offer low competitive rates with exceptional resources that are guaranteed to create a positive impact on your bottom line. We are passionate about software quality. We get it, we do it and we stand by our work. Let us help your business and product be known for its quality. We are expanding rapidly and have increased our service offerings. Go to our Service page to learn more. Visit our Facebook page to see our playful side and what we blog about.

Meet our clients

Why busyQA School?


Our in-house coop program


What if we told you that all our courses comes with a mandatory in-house co-op. Our students love our "in-house" COOP programs where they can move from the classroom to our consulting department to get a real hands on work experience. You can see why our grads are highly sought after. We have made education affordable, disrupted the learning industry, and we are just getting started

We keep it simple


Just like our website, we believe less is more. We don't use fancy words and over saturate you with unnecessary information. We keep it simple. We understand your objective, and we help you accomplish it by providing you with the right amount of information required to make you a kick ass (good) Technology Professional. Good tech professionals are busy, and so will you, once you graduate from our program.

We take our time and your time to make sure you learn


Putting you first is our priority. We designed a 12 weeks to 6 months program to ensure you have the right amount of time to learn and practice all we throw at you. As a busyQA graduate, you will be one of the best partly because we have patiently taken the time to invest in you.

You decide how and where you want to learn


You can choose to enrol in the In-Class, Live Online or Self Study Video courses. All programs comes with a weekly 1-on-1 lab session with a lab instructor.  All classes are recorded, so no need to worry if you miss a class. Access to the lab is 24x7. Coursework are from live projects. In-class programs are available in Mississauga, Brampton and Toronto, Canada.

We are passionate about Technology


Our instructors are Tech Consultants with a wealth of experience currently working as Leaders in their respective fields. We understand technology and are keen to use it to solve every day problems. Building quality software is our thing. We get it, we do it and we stand by our work. We teach our classes with same passion - come sit in one our classes for free and we guarantee you will be back for more.

We connect you


We understand why you are here. We help you network and refer you to hiring Managers upon graduation. We work on your resume, interview skills, and make you more attractive to the job market. We also hire.

Some of our busyQA Consultants were recruited right from the classroom. Look under Jobs to see if we are hiring.


Watch our video to learn more us.  

Head office :

Suite 1532

4 Robert Speck Parkway
Mississauga ON L4Z 1S1 

Training Centers  (appointment only):



Iceland Mississauga
705 Matheson Blvd E, Mississauga

ON L4Z 3X9


Ivor Woodlands Room

South Common Community Centre

2233 South Millway, Mississauga

ON, L5L 3H7


Swansea Town Hall Community Center

95 Lavinia Ave, Toronto

ON M6S 3H9


Program Room 1/2

Thornhill Community Centre Library

7755 Bayview Ave, Thornhill

L3T 4P1


Library Room
Grace Place

156 Main St. N.
Brampton ON L6V 1N9


Kitchener Public Library                      

Central Library
85 Queen St N

Kitchener ON N2H 2H


Tel: 1-905-499-3705

Open Mon - Fri : 9AM- 6PM

Sat: 9AM- 2 PM

Sun: Closed

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