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Learn In-demand skills, and launch your
new career in tech. 


BusyQA in partnership with Ontario Ministry of Citizenship & Multiculturalism and industry partners have come together to provide a Career Advancement Program inline with the Black Youth Action Plan (BYAP) which works towards eliminating systemic, race-based disparities by increasing opportunities for Black youth across the province.


The Leap is a no-cost 7-month high-tech bootcamp available to individuals identifying as Black, aged between 18 and 34, residing in Ontario, and eligible to work in Canada. Participants will undergo training, engage in paid work experience, and attend a career workshop.

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Successful participants will be enrolled into a 12 or 16 week online flex bootcamp with full time classes on weekends and hands on labs during weekdays. 


Participants will be provided with a 3 months paid work experience upon successfully completing the bootcamp. You will be paid a monthly stipend of $1,055 per month for 3 months. Your employer can choose to pay you more.


A month long career workshop where you will be assisted with resume, AI driven mock interview, and job search tips.


Join our networking events and meet inspiring leaders, employers and allies within the Tech Industry. 


A minimum of a High school diploma, GED or equivalent.

Black-identified individuals who legally reside in Toronto, London, Guelph, Peel and Waterloo Region in Ontario, Canada.

Be a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident or a person who has been granted refugee status in Canada and authorized to work full time in Canada.

Black-identified individuals between the age of 18-34 years old.

Consent to criminal background check.

Consent to learning aptitude and critical thinking assessment.

  • Don't worry you don't need any prior tech experience to do well on these tests or be successful in our program.

Meet learner pre-training income policy. (Individual income less than $45K).

Facing unemployment or under employed.

Must be willing to dedicate 15 to 20 hours a week in a rigorous technical flex bootcamp for 7 months.

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Career-launching and Game-changing!

BusyQA is a knowledge-based provider offering best-in-class tech, leadership and professional development to Canadians wishing to achieve their career goals through upskilling.

The Leap by BusyQA Academy

BusyQA flex bootcamp allows you to keep your current schedule without much disruption:

7 months flex bootcamp. Attend weekend classes and weekday group labs.

Get paid $1,055 CAD per month. $1,055k x 3 months = $3,165K (minus a one-time $500 CAD administration fee that is deducted from your first payment).

Graduates receive an Ontario Digital Certificate.

Optimized Content & Job Skills highly in demand

BusyQA has developed optimized content for the latest tech job requirement in:

Artificial Intelligence

Data Science

Machine Learning

Web Development

Cloud Computing

Full Stack Web Development

Automation Engineering


Chat GPT Prompt Engineering

Select a Leap Course

Eligible participants can enroll into any of 6 courses: AI in Prompt Engineering, Web Development, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Automation Engineering and Data Science.

Take this Tech Career Quiz to help decide which course is best for you based on your personality and motivation. Also check our blogs on each course page to learn more about the daily responsibilities and salary of each profession. 

AI in Prompt Engineering

Our newest and exciting course provides you with a
comprehensive understanding of how Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems work and how to
effectively engineer prompts to interact with these systems. Learn more

Fullstack Web Development

A transformative journey into the world
of web development where you'll gain the skills and knowledge needed to create dynamic,
interactive, and responsive web applications. Learn more

Cloud Computing

This course seamlessly blends the power of cloud computing with the efficiency of DevOps practices, providing you with the skills and knowledge
necessary to navigate the modern IT landscape. Learn more

Cyber Security

This course will train participants on how to
protect systems, networks, and data from cyber threats. Whether you're new to the field or
seeking to enhance your cybersecurity expertise, this program will provide you with a strong
foundation and hands-on experience. Learn more

Automation Engineering

Manual quality control can not keep up with the rapid release of tech software products. This course will teach you how to create automated test that will certify software products before release to the market. Learn more

Data Science

The Data Science and Machine Learning course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of data-driven decision-making and the powerful techniques of machine learning. Learn more

What's Next

Select a program and apply to join Cohort 1. Training begins in November 2023.

Cohort 2 begins in March 2024. Stay tuned to see when application will open.

Only 30 spots are available for Cohort 1. Subscribe to our newsletter on the bottom of the page to know when more spots become available.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you will receive an assessment link after you apply.

If you pass the assessment, you will receive a video link for an interview to determine your motivation and career goals. 

Only 1 application is required per applicant.


BusyQA acceptance/participation is contingent upon seat/space availability and fulfilling The Leap Academy requirements (e.g., passing entrance assessments. Due to the high number of applicants, a lottery system may be put in place to select participants.

BusyQA do not provide sponsorship for Canadian Work Permits.

BusyQA Academy acceptance is contingent upon passing a criminal background check (check yourself here).

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What You'll Get


3 months online instructor led training


Digital Certificate Badge


Flex schedule (Saturday and Sunday available)


24x7 access to Lab
Installation of all required software


3 months paid Co-op Work Term placement


1 month career support


24 months access to the program learning app


Free Tuition