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Corporate Training

A well-trained Software Engineer is a sure way to keep your company’s competitive advantage, improve quality, and improve the morale of your team.

We offer specialized courses in:

·       Artificial Intelligence

·       Data Science & Machine Learning

·       Cybersecurity

·       Fullstack Development

·       Cloud Computing & DevOps

·       Test Automation

·       Performance Engineering

·       Continuous Integration Delivery

·       Business Leadership


Our interactive courses are led by qualified instructors with academia and industry experience. We combine theory with practical hands-on experience that you can immediately apply on the job.


Our corporate plan includes a Discovery and Execution lifecycle used to build you a customized training curriculum that will match your in house stack. + 


Our rates are highly competitive, and we offer group discounts. 2024 courses are now available. Click here to see active courses.

Contact us for custom programs

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