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busyQA Snags a Software Testing Consulting Deal at Anova

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

busyQA is pleased to announce a consulting partnership with Anova (, the world largest Internet of Things (IoT) company in remote monitoring of industry assets. The CIO of Anova, Paolo Traverso and CEO of busyQA ,Tye Alli – have partnered at an exciting time, as Anova acquires multiple organizations. busyQA will ensure Software Quality and Automation of process is achieved, while Anova retains a high level of customer satisfaction expected by their global base of users.

“We want to ensure a smooth integration of all our systems and increase the use of test automation to reduce our release schedule,” says Paolo Traverso.

“A good Quality process and Test Automation technology that utilizes a continuous integration approach will help Anova maintain their lead position in the IoT industry”, says Tye Alli .

About Anova

Anova is a global leader in remote monitoring of industrial assets. With recent acquisitions and merging of 4 IoT companies (DataOnline, Wikon, WESROC, and iTank and acquisition of Intelligent Sensing Anywhere (ISA) in 2019, a seamless integration of Software Systems is critical to the operations of Anova. It now monitors more than 375,000 assets in nearly 70 countries. Anova has a customer base of 1500+ and monitors over 600,000+ assets. Learn more:


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