Scrum Master Training + Co-op

Agile and Sprint Management

This Certified Scrum Master course is a professional development program designed for anyone considering a career in Agile Project Management. Typical career paths includes Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Project Manager, Project Coordinator, QA Lead, Developer Lead, and Product Management.

The course is a 6 weeks program with weekly 3 hours classroom training and a 24x7 online lab training session with a working Scrum Master. After the course, students will be assisted in becoming a Certified Scrum Master. Students will be examined by Scrum Institute and receive an Accredited Scrum Master Certificate. Getting certified is a secure way to stand out as a Scrum Master.


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What You Get


3 hours weekly in-class/virtual training

5 days online access to trainer

18 hours (6 weeks) in total


Work on Live Project
Live interaction with a working Scrum Master


Mentorship with Envision Agile after graduation
CO-OP in a leading an Agile team


Flexible Payment Plan


Resume & Career Workshop

Over 20 CSM doc templates


Certified Scrum Master certificate from Scrum Institute

What You'll Learn

Week 1: Agile Manifesto & Processes


Week 2: Lean Agile


Week 3: Creating & Managing Scrum Artifacts


Week 4: Sprint Management Part 1 & 2


Week 5: Release Planning 


Week 6: Scaling Scrum & Career Management


Bonus: Co-op & Career Workshop 

Students are placed on coop after graduation. Students wanting to join our Consulting team after training will have to apply, pass an entrance exam, interview and meet the job requirements.


We also offer Certified Scrum Master, Business AnalysisJava Full Stack Developer and Software Testing training. View our Courses page to see a full list of our courses. Contact us for any question. Due to COVID-19, we understand you may have more time and want to create a custom fast tracked curriculum. This is also possible. Contact us for more details. 




Scrum Master Training + Co-op
6 sessions 
10:00AM - 1:00 PM (Sundays)

Proudly display your Professional Achievements on your LinkedIn and Resume 

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Career Roadmap

1-4 Years

  • Agile Coach

  • Agile Program Lead

  • Product Manager

  • SAFe Program Consultant

  • Agile Team Lead

  • Salary: $120 -$150k

5-9 Years

  • Agile Coach

  • Agile Program Lead

  • Product Manager

  • SAFe Program Consultant

  • Agile Team Lead

  • Salary: $120k - $150k

10+ Years

  • Agile Coach

  • Agile Program Lead

  • Product Manager

  • SAFe Program Consultant

  • Agile Team Lead

  • Salary: $120k - $150k

BusyQA Alumni are hired by the biggest global companies.

Your Instructor

Hi, I'm  Opeyemi (Ope) Ijabumoye 

Scrum Master and Agile Coach (MSC,CSM,SFC,SSYBC)


Having spent the last 9 years working as Scrum Master in agile environments, I have a robust background leading self-organizing teams to achieve their scrum goals. I hold a master’s degree in Industrial and Organization Psychology with various experience in the software industries, coaching and consultancy services.

In my class, I will coach agile methodology and how to become an effective and assertive Scrum master. I will ensure you have fun while you go agile.