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Business Analyst Training + Co-Op

Requirements Development & Management, Project Scoping / Sizing & Estimation, Data Analysis, Quality Analysis

This Business Analyst Training and Co-op course is a professional development program designed to prepare students with on-job requirements for a Business Analyst position. An increasing number of organizations are hiring Business Analysts with a wider skill set so that they can adapt quickly to the demands of the position. This is especially important as businesses are rapidly adopting lean agile frameworks such as Scrum/Kanban/RAD for design and development. Our program covers Business Analysis – Requirements Development & Management, Project Scoping / Sizing & Estimation, Data Analysis, Quality Analysis.


This program is perfect for working professionals from the Business community or the IT community who want to upgrade themselves for a change in career or career advancement. Students entering this course should already possess a good understanding of business processes or have prior experience with IT projects.


The course is a 9-week program with 3 hours of weekly virtual / in-class training along with detailed course notes, assignments, case studies and questions. The Business Analyst Training and Co-op course equips the student with a job-ready skill set so that they can deliver on the job from the day that they start. This program also offers a Co-op placement, allowing students to be Business Analyst Interns on live projects.


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What You Get


3 hours weekly in-class/virtual training

9 weeks of training


Open 6 days a week (9 a.m.- 6 p.m.)

5 days online access to teacher


Have fun in a high energy course

A license to a leading Diagram tool


Resume & Career Workshop

1 month Work Term placement + Job Referral and Hiring


Recorded course videos


Flexible Payment Plan

Group Discount

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What You'll Learn

Module 1: Business Analysis Introduction & Business Analysis Planning & Monitoring

Module 2: Requirement Lifecycle Management & Elicitation & Collaboration          


Module 3: Requirement Analysis & Design Definition


Module 4: Strategy Analysis, Solution Evaluation


Module 5: Introduction to Project Management – Waterfall /Agile, Key concepts

Module 6: Project Scoping /Sizing, Budgeting and Estimation

Module 7: Introduction to Databases, Database Modelling and Querying

Module 8: Data Analysis

Module 9: Quality Analysis

We also offer Full Stack Developer, DevOps, Big Data Science, Automation Testing and  Scrum Master Training. View our Courses page to see a full list of our courses. Contact us for any questions.




Business Analyst + Co-op 
9 sessions 
10:00AM - 1:00PM (Weekends)

Proudly display your Professional Achievements on your LinkedIn and Resume 

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Career Roadmap

1-5 Years

  • Business Analyst

  • Project Coordinator

  • Product Owner

  • Salary: $50 - $79K

6-10 Years

  • Business Analyst Lead

  • Business Analyst Consultant

  • Product Manager

  • Salary: $80K - $99K

15+ Years

  • Business Executive

  • Program Manager

  • Product Executive

  • Salary: $100 - $120K

BusyQA Alumni are hired by the biggest global companies.

Financial Aid

BusyQA in partnership with Windmill and the Government of Canada have made it possible for you to apply for an aid of up to $15,000 in low interest career loans to help pay your BusyQA Tuition fees and other career training expenses.
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