BusyQA Introduces Digital Badges

Updated: May 21

Display Your Professional Achievements

Why should your knowledge of your professional success be contained between you and your employers? BusyQA introduces a new method to display your achievements across multiple platforms: Digital Badges.

What Are Digital Badges?

We firmly believe in the benefit of providing various tools that enable you to meet and exceed your professional goals. Part of that belief is a firm emphasis on rewarding your achievements.

We want you to be able to communicate just how much you’ve accomplished in an easily and quickly intelligible manner. What better way to achieve this than with badges that can be hosted on your website, email, or social media?

This is why BusyQA partnered with Credly to provide you with a digital version of some of your most impactful credentials. These aren’t just copy and pasted images - instead, each digital image contains verifiable metadata that makes it certifiably “yours” (It’s not too different from an NFT, actually). This metadata also includes a description of your qualifications and how you managed to earn them. We’ll even host the badges on our website for your management until you can find them a suitable home.