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10 Things You Need To Know Before Applying For A QA Tester Position.

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Kazeem Razaq @K.Razaq / 4:00 PM EDT. June 21, 2022.

QA tester job interview

QA Testing is a key role for any software developer, as it is essential to test software quality and to find bugs before they reach the final users. It's not that easy to become QA tester because you need to pass some qualification tests first. But it's possible to make your job easier and get into QA testing if you have the right answers to these questions which are the most common interview questions for QA testers.

There are a lot of questions asking about QA Software Testing and how to answer these questions can help you stand out in the interview. If you're applying for a job as a QA Tester, here's some information on common and tricky questions asked during an interview.

QA Testers are the backbone of any software development project. Without QA Testers, development starts at a standstill and may never even begin. These are the top 10 common questions that developers ask during interviews, and how to answer them.

Are you under a lot of pressure at the moment? No worries. Most of the time, it's not you who is under pressure but your boss. But let's face it - interviewing for a new position is stressful. There are many factors that influence your job interview and make it more difficult than other positions you might have applied for. The most important thing to remember when going for an interview is to prepare really well for that meeting with the hiring manager (if you can). Whether it's going over calendars or emails with the interviewer, practicing answering questions using the same terms detailed in their job description, etc.- these type of preparations can help you feel confident immediately when coming into your interview with a smile on your face.

You are about to participate in a job interview for QA tester position. You know little about the company, it's mission and vision, who is the CEO and how this role contribute to company's long term strategy. Because of this, you spent hours on net looking at the company's web page and other relevant web sites. Based on your research you decided to take an interest in those companies that have been around for more than 10 years or longer.

QA tester

What is QA Testing.

QA is the process of testing a product to ensure its ability to meet expectations and quality. QA mainly involves but not limited to: analyzing requirements, implementing test plans, executing tests and maintaining records of the exercise. It's a very crucial role in the development lifecycle and it's required from various roles like software developers, managers and project managers. Even though it might be easy for you to answer given questions because you have already done that earlier during your 4 years of training, here are some more common questions which can be a bit confusing for candidates who are just starting out as QA Testers.

The good thing about being a QA tester is that with time, you can gain an idea about the process of software testing. And one of the most important aspects of a daily employee is the ability to interact with other people: from the hiring managers and fellow employees, to those in other departments like Human Resources or Marketing. You'll need these communication skills at some point or another during your career as well.

QA Tester Job Description

QA Tester is responsible for testing software products, both internally and with other organizations. He or she has the ability to perform thorough testing procedures and monitor the quality of the software. The QA Tester must work with all departments in order to ensure that the product is released on time and without any errors.

Here are the Reasons Why QA Testers are in Demand

QA tester job details

QA is a highly desired position in the IT industry nowadays. Many companies are opting to hire QA testers because they bring value to their organizations. But it's not just about being good at your job although you'll have every reason to be great at your job if you want a shot at a better one or a more lucrative position down the road.

Good QA testing candidates aren't just choosers, but decision-makers; they are demanding enough to make sure the software they are testing will solve the problem correctly and be easy for non-technical users to use.

If you are planning to test some product or solution, and put your foot down by applying quality control? If you have faced such situation, then you should have known that if scores in this interview question.

The best way to prepare for an interview is to make sure you know the expectations of the role and understand why you would be a good fit.

Here are some common interview questions and how to answer them:

Here are the top 10 most common interview questions for QA Testers.

software testing interview

What is your biggest weakness?

I don’t have a good answer for this question. I think it’s a trick question because you want to know what your weaknesses are so they can be fixed. The best way to answer this question is by saying that you don’t have any weaknesses, which I think is true in my case, but also not true of others.

If you were me, what would you change about the company?

My answer to this question should be something realistic and something that will help the company grow. For example, if I were asked to change the company’s logo, I would suggest changing it so it was more modern and clean looking. This kind of suggestion is something that would help the company grow by having a better image online or being more appealing to customers.

How to land a QA software testing job

How do you handle pressure?

This question isn’t quite as common in interviews as many people might think. However, it still comes up from time to time and can be tricky because there are so many different ways that people handle pressure differently. For example, some people like being surrounded by noise while others prefer silence and solitude.

What is your experience?

I have worked as a QA Tester for 6 years and I have done many things on my previous jobs. Some of them were testing the website and software, some were testing the mobile app, some were bug fixing and other tasks that required me to analyze error logs and logs to find out where the issue occurred.

How about your work experience?

I have been working as a professional tester for 6 years now. I have worked in different companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon and other companies like this. Working as a tester requires you to be able to solve problems quickly and efficiently by using various tools that help you to identify issues within an application or software. This includes using computers and other devices such as mobile phones and tablets along with web browsers. You need to be able to analyze log files generated by devices so that you can figure out what caused an issue which led to it happening in the first place.

QA testing

What do you know about programming languages?

I know how to program in Java Scripts through Visual Studio Code which is basically one of their supported programming languages used by them for building websites and applications.

What is the main purpose of a quality assurance tester?

The main purpose of a quality assurance tester is to ensure that all the software products are developed and tested according to the defined specifications and requirements.

What are some of the tasks that you perform as a QA tester?

Some of the tasks that I perform as a QA Tester include performing software testing, providing technical support and reporting.

How do you measure software quality?

Software quality is measured in terms of how easily it can be used by customers or end-users. It can also be measured by measuring defects in various stages of development.

What are some of the tools that you use while performing software testing?

Some of the tools that I use while performing software testing include automated test tools, manual tests and defect tracking systems (DTS).

What does an error mean in terms of software quality?

An error means any deviation from what was intended by developers during development process or during testing process or even by users after installation or use of product by customers/end-users which may result in failure.

How do you approach bugs in your code?

By reading the code carefully, understanding its purpose and functionality, identifying where there are errors or problems, and then fixing them with proper solutions in mind before moving on to other areas of the code base so that everything works smoothly from then on out until the end of testing period for that project/programming language.

QA software testing

Why should we hire you?

You don't need to come up with an answer that sounds impressive; just tell them why they should hire you! Say something like "My experience working in QA has taught me a lot about what makes products better and how to improve them by finding bugs early on" or "I know how to work well with others and I always put my team first."

Describe a situation where you had to adapt quickly and effectively in order to meet deadlines or deliverables? How did you handle it?

During one of my previous jobs, I was working with a team of three developers who were responsible for delivering several projects within a short period of time. One day we received an urgent requirement that required us to update our code base within 24 hours according to a strict deadline set by our client. The developers were familiar with the system but didn't know exactly how it worked internally so it was somehow.

How would you handle a situation where there was an issue with one of your products?

This is an important question for any QA tester because it shows your ability to understand what is happening in the system and how to resolve the issue quickly. The answer should include details about how you would go about finding out what happened and what steps you would take if there were a problem with product A or B. It should also include details on how you would get in touch with other members of your team if necessary so that they could help address any problems as well.

how to attend software testing job interview

QA as a job is a challenging but satisfying profession, and can be very fulfilling as well. Implementing testing mechanisms in your own projects and finding bugs before they hit production will make you feel like you have truly made a difference in the world. In order to land that QA job, all that is required is a little preparation and knowledge of how to answer typical interview questions for QA testers.

You must choose answers which clearly demonstrate your technical knowledge. Do not forget to rephrase the answer in a polite way and connect it with your overall experience. Show your interest in the company and ask relevant questions that show you have done some research on the organization and its products or services.

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