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BusyQA Launch a Only Pay for What You Need Price Plan

Updated: Mar 5

At the beginning of 2024, we moved away from our one price fits all to providing our customers with a price plan that allows for more flexibility. With this goal in mind, we introduced the Coop, Basic, Comprehensive and The Leap price options.

The price plan is designed to give you more financial flexibility and make you only pay for what you need. Since not all customers needs are the same, why pay the same price? The differences in the plan are explained below:

Coop: Let's face it - who know why many choose to learn at BusyQA. Many are looking for a place to gain that illusive first work experience, right after changing careers or when graduating from a training program. The Coop plan allows you to pay $500 for a month work experience, where you will be part of a project team that may be client facing or in house at BusyQA. You will work alongside team members with similar skill sets, a lead and a project manager that will be more experienced to guide you. Compensation if any would be discussed with you before onboarding.

Basic: The basic is for someone looking to learn a new skill that will lead to a new career. This plan is suited for someone who wants to upskill or start a new career in tech. This person is currently employed and looking to switch job roles within the same company or a new company. Your prior work experience is impressive and you hold a lot of transferrable skills and experience.

For example: Todd works at Google as a Tech Recruiter in the HR department. He has maintained this job for the past 5years and now wants to switch to a Web Developer. He plans to stay with Google after his graduation and has interviewed with a few tech managers within Google that show interest in him. This plan will allow Todd to only pay for a 12-14 weeks of upskill training at BusyQA.

Comprehensive: This plan is for someone looking for a career change and plans to gain work experience within BusyQA before launching their career. The work experience can be external, client facing and compensated as long as the student passes the client interview. You will also have the option to select from many of our internal consulting projects. You will gain work experience and job references from your project leaders at BusyQA that will allow you to stand out in the job market when job hunting. Many of our clients also do hire the students upon the completion of their training program. This is the most popular plan and selecting this plan will enroll you at BusyQA for a minimum of 6 months.

The Leap: This plan is for a non tech person looking for an exclusive career change experience. The Leap student only need a High School Diploma to enroll. The Leap student will be attended to by at least 2 live instructors with a classroom and lab schedule. Lab schedules are one on one small groups where students can further practice and hone their newly acquired skill. This plan is best suited for someone who wants a complete structure and guidance from BusyQA. Students on the leap plan do qualify for a max student loan of $15,000.

All Leap students will receive a paid work experience and further compensation from the job employer are also awarded to students required to work full time hours during their coop internship. This plan will enroll you at BusyQA for a minimum of 7 months.

A career advisor can meet with you if you are not sure on which plan or training program that will be best suited for you. Corporate and groups larger than 5 should contact us for a custom quote.


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