Cybersecurity in Business Analysis

You may wonder how a business analyst career and cybersecurity relate to each other. What is the role of BA in cybersecurity? Let us see why knowledge of Cybersecurity concepts are important to a BA professional.

A Business Analyst acts as a connection between the project management and technical team. A BA gathers the requirements from a client, and converts them into functional specifications. A BA requires technical experience, as he/she also helps the technical teams to convert the functional requirements into technical terms.

As the systems, and mobile devices are growing in number day by day, Internet of Things has put internet access in hands of many. With that in mind, there is always a risk of compromise in security. Many cybersecurity attacks have been in the news lately. These highlight the weakness in the Internet infrastructure, which allows the hackers to access the company's sensitive information. Many software organizations are becoming vulnerable to cybersecurity crimes, and are striving hard to respond.

What is cybersecurity? By ISACA, Cybersecurity is defined as protection of information assets by addressing threats to information processed, stored and transported by internetworked information systems. It is a part of Information Security. Cybersecurity deals with threats due to existence of global cyberspace i.e. Internet.

The terms risk and threat are most commonly used when we talk about security. What is a Risk, and a Threat... and the difference between both? Risk is the combination of the probability of an event and its consequence. A Risk can be mitigated with control and safeguarding activities. Threat is anything that is a potential cause of an unwanted incident, that caused harm.