Regression Testing in Agile

“Regression Testing is a test type conducted to test that the changes made to the code did not impact the existing functionality of the software”.

Regression Testing a is a test activity aimed at evaluating the effect of changes done to the application under test (AUT). This type of test type falls under the change-related testing activity.

Change Related Testing consists of two types of test:

Confirmation Tests: This type of testing, also known as re-testing, confirms the bugs have been fixed.

Regression Tests: This type of testing tests the impacted areas in the software which may have been affected with the bug fixes in software or environment.

Why Perform Regression Testing

When a change is made to the application due to fixing of bugs, change in environment or database, it may unintentionally affect the conduct of other parts of the module or system. Such side-effects are known as regressions. Testers perform regr