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Full Stack – Java/Spring with Angular + Co-op
Java, Spring, Angular, DevOps, Cloud

This course is designed to give students the theoretical background and practical knowledge and skills required to succeed in the software industry as a Fullstack Java Developer. The course covers Programming in Java, Spring Framework – MVC and Web Application development using Angular. Legacy systems are designed in Java and there is a shortage of experienced developers to maintain such applications. This course is suitable for an experienced developer looking to increase their employment opportunities.

The course includes 12 weeks classroom and online instructor led training on weekends and weekdays. Students are advised to spend more time outside of the classroom in BusyQA labs and student study groups.

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What You Get


Weekly in-class/virtual

12 weeks instructor led training

5 days online access to trainer 


Open 6 days a week (9am-6pm)

laptop (1).png

24x7 access to Lab

Installation of all required software


Have fun in a high energy course



Work Term placement + Job Referral and Hiring


Flexible Payment Plan
Group Discount

What You'll Learn

Module 1: Java Fundamentals - Java Syntax and Variables

Module 2: Java Basics - Flow Control Statements and Object-Oriented Programming with Java (OOP)

Module 3: Java Advanced - Algorithms and Java Data Structures

Module 4: Java Advanced - Generics and Functional Programming (Lambda Expressions and Streams)

Module 5: Spring Framework - Introduction and Design Patterns

Module 6: Spring Framework - Spring Boot and Spring MVC

Module 7: Spring Framework - Spring Data JPA with MySQL

Module 8: Spring Framework - Restful Web Services

Module 9: Angular Fundamentals

Module 10: Angular Components and Databinding

Module 11: Angular Directives and Services

Module 12: Angular HTTP Client

Module 13: Spring and Angular Applications Integration & Deployment on Cloud Platforms and CI/CD with Jenkins

Module 14: DevOps - Introduction to Docker and Kubernetes 


We also offer Big Data Science, Software Testing, Full Stack Automation testing training. View our Courses page to see a full list of our courses. Contact us for any question.




Fullstack Developer Training + Co-op 
14 Modules 
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM (Weekends)

Proudly display your Professional Achievements on your LinkedIn and Resume 

Java Developer.png

Career Roadmap

1-4 Years

  • Java Developer

  • Application Developer  

  • Salary: $70K - $90K

5-9 Years

  • Senior Java Developer

  • Full Stack Application Developer

  • Salary: $90K - $150K

10+ Years

  • Solution Architect

  • Product Owner

  • Salary: $150K - $200K

Financial Aid

BusyQA in partnership with Windmill and the Government of Canada have made it possible for you to apply for an aid of up to $15,000 in low interest career loans to help pay your BusyQA Tuition fees and other career training expenses.
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