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Terms of Service

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Last Updated: July 1st, 2023


 It is the responsibility of the student to finish the program within the allocated BusyQA schedule and meet all the requirements of the course including assignment, exams, and labs. A student wanting to repeat/re-take the course will have to pay the full tuition fees. An exception will be given to a student with a medical emergency. Only Personal Health Emergency and a death in the family will be considered as a medical emergency. Such a student, if approved, can pause the program for a maximum of 3months. It's important to note that pausing the program is a one-time option. A registration fee of $200 plus a doctor note will be required before the student will be allowed back into the program. BusyQA will place the student in the next available batch. Students who receive a discount on their tuition fees are not allowed to pause or repeat the program.


In the event that a student has not started the course and officially withdraws by providing BusyQA with a written notice of intent to withdraw within 5 days of registering, student shall receive a 100% refund of tuition fee minus the registration fee of $200. Refunds will be made within 30 days of BusyQA receipt of the student's notice of withdrawal. In the event that a student has started the course and within 30days of starting, an official written notice of intent to withdraw must be provided.


Student will be charged per class rate plus tax for each class attended including the demo class (if applicable). Refer to your registration form class rate. A student not attending class is not eligible for a refund on the classes missed. It is the responsibility of the student to submit a withdraw intent before stopping to attend classes. No refunds will be issued for cancellation of the course made after 30 business days. All refunds, if applicable, will be issued less a registration fee of $200. Refund will be made in the same payment type originally used by the student within 30 days.


A student that has graduated and completed all the requirements of the training course will be eligible to join our Consulting organization to gain work experience.  After successfully passing the entrance exam and interview, an offer of acceptance will be sent to the student. Upon acceptance into our Consulting team, a student may pause the offer for no longer than a month. A pause longer than a month will be required to re-register and pay applicable fees before being allowed to join the Consulting team. A Student that pauses entrance into the Consulting team for less than 1 month will be allowed to re-join without any applicable fees. While active during consulting, a student can request to take an unpaid leave of absence for a maximum of a month. After a month, a student will be required to re-register and pay applicable fees before being allowed to join the Consulting project.


This policy applies to the career workshop that includes resume building and mock interview sessions. Exception to the 1-month policy will be reserved for medical and death in the family. A student will be required to provide a doctor’s note if applying for an exception. Upon the return of a student, project availability will vary, and the student will be required to wait until a suitable project is available. Consulting policies are set up to ensure our students and the BusyQA team can confidently take on client projects and deliver on time with the expected quality. Our policies are subject to change.


Student agrees that during their term of being an active Student and for a period of two (2) years after graduating from busyQA, Student will not, directly or indirectly, engage or participate in any business activities such as (Training or Tutoring) of the subject, technology, or course(s), course material taken at busyQA within any geographic area in around which busyQA conducts its business without the written consent of busyQA.


Students can apply for a payment plan. See the payment plan application in your registration package for more information. the next page if applicable.


RIGHT TO PURSUE FULL PAYMENT OF FEES: Once Student has committed to applying for a payment plan during the training program, and has commenced training, Student is responsible to pay the full payment of tuition as set out in this payment plan. BusyQA reserves
the right to pursue all legal means to ensure the Student's full payment of the program fees, including (but not limited to) pursing payment through civil court, and via collection agencies. Student seeking to apply for a Payment plan shall provide an official copy of a Government issued ID such as a Driver License or Passport with a proof of residential address.

AUTOMATED PAYMENT (Credit Card ONLY): Student applying for a payment plan option must provide a credit card for automated payment withdrawals on our Moneris payment system. A declined payment will be charged a daily late fee of 5% of the amount due until the amount is paid. A student with 2 declined payments will be suspended from the classroom. Contact the office to provide your credit card details. Student can choose to apply for a weekly or bi-weekly payment plan.

The Termination of Service Policy outlines the guidelines and procedures that govern the termination or dismissal of service from BusyQA. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that terminations are conducted fairly, legally, and in alignment with the company's values and applicable laws.


  1.    Grounds for Termination: Termination of service may occur for various reasons, including but not limited to:​​

    • Performance issues or failure to meet training or job requirements.

    • Violation of company policies, code of conduct, or ethical standards.

    • Misconduct, including harassment, discrimination, or dishonesty.

    • Absenteeism or excessive unapproved leave of absence.

    • Other justifiable reasons consistent with applicable laws and regulations.

  2. Notification: Prior to termination, the affected student will be notified of the intended termination and given an opportunity to discuss the reasons behind the decision. 

  3. Refund: A refund where applicable will be processed within 30days of the termination notice.

  4. Outstanding Balance: BusyQA reserves the right to pursue all legal means to ensure the student’s outstanding payment of the program fees, including (but not limited to) pursing payment through civil court, and via collection agencies.

* All policies are subject to change without prior notice.

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