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Toronto, June 18, 2020 – busyQA, leading full stack consulting and training agency, is pleased to announce a partnership with Planet of IT - a Cloud and DevOps service provider.


The terms of partnership enables busyQA to better provide its clients an end to end consulting service that includes Cloud and DevOps implementation. 

“We are happy to be part of the BusyQA family. The strength of the brand name  tells you about the vision of the company and the attention to detail they pay to every thing they do" says Ali Raza, CEO & Founder at Planet Of IT. 

Tye Alli, busyQA’s Managing Director said, “With the demand of DevOps and Cloud services on the rise,  this partnership allows the company to have the resources that will meet the need of our customers. The experience gained here will also be leveraged in designing our in house DevOps training program and provide an excellent coop opportunity to our students. 


About busyQA


busyQA is a full stack consulting and training company, that connects the gap between software systems and end-user satisfaction, by providing companies with experienced Technology Professionals that are passionate about building software systems that solve everyday problems. busyQA specialize in all types of tech services ranging from Software Testing, Automation Testing, Web & Mobile development, Big Data, Machine Learning, Security Testing, Customized Off-the-Shelf, and Performance Testing.  busyQA provides tech consulting services, outsourcing, corporate training, and career development seminars that can transform your technology team into a lean mean efficient machine.


About Planet of IT

Planet of IT is a leading global provider of DevOps and Cloud services that specializes in moving house servers to the cloud and setting up CI/CD environments that will allow you code faster, build faster, and ship quicker.


Our team consist of highly qualified Cloud and DevOps engineers who have many years of experience working as DevOps specialists, Cloud engineers, SREs, Build engineers, and many different roles which make them expert and capable of assessing every client differently depending on the platform, technology, language, framework, environment and scale.


Some of our key offerings are: 

·         CI/CD services are offered on wide range of Linux and Windows platforms supporting many languages and frameworks including ASP, .NET, .NET Core, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Scala. 

·         We have experience with most CI tools out there including Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, Azure DevOps, TravisCI, CircleCI, CodeFresh, JFrog, etc. with most industry standard build tools like MSBuild, Maven, Ant, Gradle, NPM, PIP. 

·         Infrastructure as a code is another main area of our expertise. We use Terraform to provision infrastructure so that it can be build, scaled and destroyed on demand in matters of minutes. We have experience in planning, designing and architecting small to large infrastructure on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google and private Citrix and VMWare clouds.

·         Configuration management is one another vital component for a complete CI/CD pipeline. We have expertise in installation, configuration and management of Ansible, Chef and Puppet. 

·         Containerization of applications and shipping them in a portable format is over favorite area. Our one of most worked projects are the assessment, configuration and deployment of Docker and Kubernetes system. 

·         Site reliability engineering is our essence to enhance your product. By adding proper log analytics and management, monitoring and alerting, code profiling, APM, exceptions tagging, release management, we help you get more insight of your code and take control of issue before they arise. We have experience working with tools like DataDog, Splunk, ELK, NewRelic. Sentry, Application Insights. 

·         We are a strong believer of process-oriented software shops and have expertise in change management and agile methodologies. We can help in integrating change management process with CI/CD and implement a proper release management process.




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