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Convenient and Personalized Lifestyles Thanks to AI

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Artificial Intelligence has been in this computer driven world for a while now. Remember, Jim Henson's popular culture show in 1955, The Muppets, where voice and motion were given to puppets to perform on screen by human puppeters! Another TV series, Small Wonder, an American comedy science fiction sitcom ,aired in 1985, where a character Vicki was built by Ted Lawson, an engineer for United Robotronics, in an effort to assist handicapped children! This shows, that AI has been with in our lives from years now.

There is no doubt, AI has benefited human life in many ways.

For starters what is Artificial Intelligence?

From Wikipedia: "...artificial intelligence, sometimes called machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and animals."

With all the thrill and promotion about AI such as: voice recognition, face detection, self driving cars, automated language translation etc it is apparent how AI changing our day to day life.

Recently , Facebook has announced a new AI-powered moderation tool that will help it catch billions of fake Fb accounts. This tool will used DEC machine learning model.

Apart from many new inventions, let us see some examples which we are using right now

E Commerce Shopping Recommendations: E Commerce sites are loaded with thousands of products. With AI and ML algorithms, the eCommerce stores analyse customers previous purchases and give product recommendations in forms such as "Things you may also like", " Often bought together with". This makes user experience more personalized and interactive leading to higher customer retention.

Social Media: Nowadays every age group is addicted to social media, all because of AI. AI analysis past user searches, videos and other interactions to give user personalized experience.Social Media Platform, Facebook uses deep learning techniques to auto tag people in images,show personalized feed etc. Instagram target the audiences for advertising campaigns with help of AI techniques.

Email Applications: With AI , our daily emails are automatically categorized into different folders such as spam, social, promotions. The Gmail Application has lately introduced as new feature to auto suggest completion of sentences, send smart replies. These intelligent features are result of advanced AI algorithms running behind in the code.

Transportation and Navigation: Transportation applications such as Uber are able to provide seamless services due to ML. As Uber says, they use complex ML algos to provide an efficient ride marketplace with optimized routes and ride price estimations ( peak, off peak and surge prices). Google Maps App have AI, which suggest the preferred route, alternate route, shortest time to destination route by calculating the traffic on the roads, sites of construction.

Smart Devices: Many smart devices such as Siri, Alexa, Cortana are able to recognize and process human voice with almost 95% accuracy. These devices has Natural Language processing system behind them which remove the background noise, detect the words spoken and convert them to digital signal for accurate processing technology.

Gaming: Gaming industry was one of the early adopters of AI technology. With the help of AI, it is not only easy to play games with automated robots but also create games. There are many AI powered tools offered by companies which help developers build video games.

From here onward, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will take over this rising complexity of software world. AI has a potential to become more powerful than any other thing in this world and challenge human existence. For the future world of Internet of Things, Robotics and digital computing artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analysis prove to be promising.


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