How to generate a Maven Cucumber Report in 2022

Simran Raina @sraina / 06.30 PM EDT. January 27, 2022.

Maven Cucumber reporting has gone viral and why not. It provides very cool and pretty reports for the BDD framework. You can integrate the dependency provided by master thought and generate cool reports for your BDD tests. These reports can look like extent reports but on a second look are more elaborate.

Here we will talk about the details of dependencies required to launch Maven Cucumber Reporting for test automation. There are different types of automation reports such as TestNG, Junit, default html and pretty HTML format. Maven cucumber reports are far preferred for the following reasons:

1. The report is more elaborate compared to any other report. It is, on its own, enough to give more information about the execution of the test, to management of the test and has various information for several levels of stakeholders.

2. The report looks pretty and also prints missing steps in a test.

3. It is best suited for any test framework and especially complements the BDD Cucumber framework.