How to Join the Data Science Revolution in 2021

Simran Raina @Sraina / 12.19 PM EDT. September 29, 2021

How to Join the Data Science Revolution in 2021

If I told you that there was an English Premiership football club that was performing average irrespective of the best players bought to play for the team. But suddenly they rose beyond the expectations of many. You will say, the training became better or some other reason.

Ahoy! but not so fast. Something else was brewing in the backend that everyone overlooked. A team of data analysts were working day and night to gather data and statistics and brought data insights on the table into the team strategic meetings. Today Liverpool FC has become a formidable force in the English Premier League and European football sphere. The data revolution strategy started in 2015 and the prowess was seen in 2019 and still going strong. Read about it: here

This is just one example of how data analysis has touched every aspect of human lives. Big data and the analysis of it run the medical, banking, agriculture, real estate, telecommunication and many more industries. Technology has brought many benefits that were unimaginable a few years back. The evolution of the early technologies and enormous funding has really given wings to data analysis.