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How to Join the Data Science Revolution in 2024

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Simran Raina @Sraina / 12.19 PM EDT. September 29, 2021

How to Join the Data Science Revolution in 2021

If I told you that there was an English Premiership football club that was performing average irrespective of the best players bought to play for the team. But suddenly they rose beyond the expectations of many. You will say, the training became better or some other reason.

Ahoy! but not so fast. Something else was brewing in the backend that everyone overlooked. A team of data analysts were working day and night to gather data and statistics and brought data insights on the table into the team strategic meetings. Today Liverpool FC has become a formidable force in the English Premier League and European football sphere. The data revolution strategy started in 2015 and the prowess was seen in 2019 and still going strong. Read about it: here

This is just one example of how data analysis has touched every aspect of human lives. Big data and the analysis of it run the medical, banking, agriculture, real estate, telecommunication and many more industries. Technology has brought many benefits that were unimaginable a few years back. The evolution of the early technologies and enormous funding has really given wings to data analysis.

Data science is a branch of applied mathematics and computer science concerned with deciphering and interpreting data generated by algorithms and machines. This comprises analogies and techniques developed to exploit any data or to attempt to comprehend its meaning.

Businesses have been able to provide better service at a lower cost, as well as bring in more customers, thanks to the data science revolution, which has occurred at a scale and velocity of change not seen since the industrial revolution. In comparison to the private sector, the public and non-profit sectors have used data science methodologies far less frequently, as evidenced by the aforementioned examples. The good news is that big data has many of the answers.

Why Data Analytics?

The demand for data analysts experts is at an all-time high and it will be increasing at an exponential growth to support various business activities. Three years back, the CBRE report found that Toronto which is North America’s fastest-growing tech hub have reported an 81.7 per cent growth in employment in the city for the job category that includes data professionals.

 Data Science Revolution in 2021

In the same report it was said, that by 2020, 43,000 jobs will be created in Canada alone which has come to pass. There is evidence that companies in Canada are willing to pay a premium to grab top talent. Data Analysts, for example, are paid 19 per cent more than the national average.

Why You Should be a Data Analyst?

There is a predictable data-skill crunch in the near future as an IBM study found that the demand for data professionals is expected to grow by 39%. This gap can only be filled if the people are equipped with the data-centric tools and showcase their expertise in the data related jobs. The crunch is so vulnerable that if you are skilled with no experience, you will still find an array of beginner roles in data jobs.

There are many stories of the IT engineers who have switched from rewarding Software Developers jobs to Data Analysts or Data Scientists or Big Data to fill the crunch. I also want to stress that it is not about salaries alone, but the data industry is interesting and has a smaller learning curve. It doesn't matter if you are starting with programming for the first time or if you were a Software Engineer; the data field has something for everyone. You have to concentrate on solving real-world problems like the one we talked about in the first paragraph (Liverpool Football Club).

How to Start a Career as a Data Analyst.

If you are interested in Data Analytics and wants to get hands-on experience in tools like Python, SQL and Data Visualization powerhouse: Tableau, we are happy to inform you about the Data Analytics course offered by BusyQA.

It is not only about earning big salaries and learning cool stuff but serving humanity and making an impact by solving real-world problems with data. Join the league of data analysts by enrolling in the BusyQA Data analytics training. I'm looking forward to seeing you on the other side. Happy reading!


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