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BusyQA – Software QA Testing Training in San Jose

As society becomes more reliant on technology, the need for skilled software testers will significantly increase. Already, data analysis, machine learning, automation, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and other advanced technologies make up a core part of how most businesses operate and remain secure. By 2030, the market for software testing is expected to grow by 43%, reaching a value of 650 billion US dollars. (MRFR)

At Busy QA, our software QA testing training combines academic and hands-on learning to give students a comprehensive understanding of modern software testing techniques. Our courses also grant professional certification, allowing students to directly enter the dynamic, exciting field of software testing and development.

Why Consider Software QA Testing Training in San Jose With BusyQA?

At BusyQA, our training courses are:

  • Taught by highly experienced software engineers from mid-to-large size companies

  • Aligned with current industry best practices.

  • A combination of theory and practical, hands-on learning

  • Helping students master core software testing skills and earn professional accreditation.


We offer a wide variety of courses covering in-demand IT skills, including project management, data analytics & data science, cybersecurity, risk management, automation, UX design, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing.


The BusyQA software QA testing training program also offers these unique opportunities:


  • Hybrid approach to learning, offering both online and classroom instruction

  • Co-op programs  for students to participate in to gain real-world experience working in the IT field

  • Join top software seminars, conferences, and events across North America, where they can begin building their professional networks while being inspired by industry leaders in software testing and development.


We believe that this combination of theory and hands-on learning gives our students a thorough and accurate introduction to the exciting field of software testing and provides a competitive advantage in pursuing the IT career of their choice.


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Is DevOps Training and Data Analytics Training Right For You?

If you have an interest in IT and strong problem-solving skills, a career in software testing and development might be the perfect fit for you. Not only are software testers in very high demand – giving testers excellent job security – but QA testing is also a challenging, rewarding career path. Software testers play a crucial role in society because software is a core part of most industries. Modern healthcare, food production, and retail – among other essential services – rely heavily on software for daily operations. As a software tester, you’ll use your creativity, innovation, and critical thinking to keep these processes running smoothly.

Software testers and developers also enjoy competitive salaries and the promise of lifelong learning. As the IT field continues to evolve, you’ll have the opportunity to develop new skills or adjust your career path, as desired.


Busy QA Courses San Jose: Where to Find Us

If you’re in California and looking for software QA testing training, our central location in the beautiful, thriving city of San Jose makes it easy to study and start establishing your career. Once declared the “Capital of Silicon Valley,” San Jose is home to multiple prominent IT companies: Cisco, eBay, Adobe, PayPal, Broadcom, Samsung, Acer, and Zoom all have their headquarters right here in San Jose.

Near our campus, you’ll enjoy all the amenities of bustling Market Street, with its many stores, bars and restaurants, libraries, and parks. We’re also located next to a fitness center and numerous IT businesses, including the Adobe World Headquarters.

Contact Information:


111 N Market Street, Suite 362

San Jose, CA 95113

Phone: 415-808-5705

(Appointment Only)

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1. How do I register for a course?

You can begin registration for any of our courses by filling out our contact form below, or calling the office directly at (905) 499-3705. You can also register directly on the course page by clicking on the link "Click here to Register".

2. Is the coop 100% guaranteed to all students after completing the course?

Yes, the co-op is guaranteed after graduation for all of our students. We work with few companies on live projects. Find a list of the companies we are currently working with on the bottom of our "Services" page.

3. Is the co-op available immediately after completion of the course?

Yes, co-op typically starts immediately after the completion of the course.

4. Where Can I find information on my instructor?

Our instructors are Tech Consultants with a wealth of experience currently working as leads in their respective fields. Find more about them on the bottom of their specific course page. You can also click on their LinkedIn profile to read more about them.

5. How do I pay for the course? What payment options are available?

We accept Credit, e-transfer, cheques and cash, and offer flexible payment plans.

6. Are the classes only on weekends or weekdays also?

Majority of our classes are held on weekends because our instructors are all working professionals as well as teachers. A few of our online classes are taught on weekdays.

7. Do you assist in resume/cover letter writing, job hunt after co-op?

Yes, all of our students get assistance with a customized resume/ cover letter as well as a mock interview, where we prepare each student one on one for the interview process before they start applying for jobs. This service is included with all of our courses.

8. Can I take a Certification exam after taking the course?

Yes, We are an official testing location for the ISTQB and over 1000 tech exams. All our Students have the option to take the certification exam once they have completed the program.

9. How do you help us once the course is completed?

We help you network and refer you to hiring Managers upon graduation. We work on your resume, interview skills, and make you more attractive to the job market. We also hire. Some of our busyQA Consultants were recruited right from the classroom. Look under Jobs to see if we are hiring.

10. What is the difference between QA and Software Testing?

QA, Quality Assurance is a term used by most industries to describe quality control. Software Testing is quality control for the tech industry.

11. What is a QA Tester and how do I become one?

A QA Tester is an Engineer that is responsible for ensuring that a software application or software product works before being released to end users.

You will need formal training to become a QA tester. BusyQA offers a 6 months certificate program that includes 3 months training, 3 months on the job work experience, a mock interview and resume workshop. Learn more about our Software Testing Program + Coop.

12. What are the 5 "must have" qualities of a Scrum Master?

A scrum master is the leader of a software development team. As such, the person must be a good listener, good communicator, resolve conflict, manage team workload, and budget control. Learn more about our Scrum Master Program + Coop.

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