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Automation Architect

Framework Design, Selenium, Maven, Ant, TestNG, Cucumber, CI/CD, Jenkins, Jira, Testrail, Dockers, Amazon Cloud

The Automation Architect course is designed to give students the practical knowledge, hands-on skills and experience required to succeed in the software industry as an Automation Architect. The course covers the main principles of architecture, CI/CD, and teaches students how to design an automation testing framework that is suitable for all types of testing. Graduates of this course will be able to effectively design a framework for UI, Performance, Functional, Load, Security, Web Service API and Mobile Testing.


Our Automation Architect course also explores all of the popular automation tools while highlighting their strengths and weaknesses, teaching students how to appropriately and correctly select a stack or collection of tools on a project. 

Today, software products are becoming increasingly complex. They are developed in a rapid agile environment and pushed to the market at an accelerated speed. The need to verify the quality of a software product on different platforms is becoming more important than ever. The job market is hot for Automation Architects, and there is no better time to join the industry. We can help you get there.

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What You Get 


6 hours weekly training

4 weeks of training

5 days online access to teacher


24 x 7 access to Lab

Open 6 days a week (9 a.m.-6 p.m.)

24 hours (4 weeks) in total


1-3 Months Work Term placement + Job Referral and Hiring
Have fun in a high energy course


A license to a leading Automation testing tool

A license to an Image & Video capturing tool 


Installation of all required software


Flexible Payment Plan
Group & Corporate Discount


What You'll Learn 


  • Experience in Automation Testing or DevOps required. If you have no prior experience, you must take this course first.


Module 1: Test Automation Architect  Foundation


Module 2: Test Automation Architect  Planning & Code of Conduct

Module 3: Agile Automation Testing using TDD & BDD

Module 4: Test Automation Tools  -  Practical Implementation

Module 5: Architecture and Design of Automated Tests

Module 6: CI/CD Integration and Delivery Pipeline

Module 7: Test Automation Reporting and Metrics

We also offer Automation Testing, Software Testing, Web Developer, Full Stack Java Developer training. View the Courses page to see a full list of our courses. Contact us to find out more.




Automation Architect + Co-op 
4 Sessions 
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM (Weekends)

Proudly display your Professional Achievements on your LinkedIn and Resume 

Automation Architect.png

Career Roadmap

1-4 Years

  • Automation Test Specialist

  • Senior Test Specialist

  • DevOps Engineer or Analyst

  • Salary: $50k - $80k

5-9 Years

  • QA Lead

  • Automation Architect or DevOps Lead

  • Salary: $80k - $99k

10+ Years

  • QA Manager

  • QA Director

  • Salary: $100k - $120K

BusyQA Alumni are hired by the biggest global companies.

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Financial Aid

BusyQA in partnership with Windmill and the Government of Canada have made it possible for you to apply for an aid of up to $15,000 in low interest career loans to help pay your BusyQA Tuition fees and other career training expenses.
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